Im often asked the price of my trees and sometimes its not easy to give a straight answer. There are so many variables in a wire tree. Complexity, size, material, time etc etc
However in general I can give you basic guidance …although I always suggest you contact me to ensure it is correct.

Most of my indoor sculptures are based on one of 4 different size skeins, as indicated in the chart.

This is the starting length of the skein and they will loose height depending on the style etc.

I work in Bezinal Steel wire and Raw or enamel coated copper wire in various colours.

I can and do ship, all postage costs are chargable. There are variations on this guide and I strongly advise contacting me for full details.
Remember, every tree is a totally individual work of art, no two are ever the same.

I reserve the right to alter these prices, when the need arises.

  • Size of Skein
  • 7 Inch
  • 11 Inch
  • 12 to18 Inch
  • 19 to 33 Inch
  • General pricing for Indoor Trees
  • £75
  • £120
  • £250 to £500
  • £150 to £2000