Helene Barrott – Designs in Wire

I am a Sculptor working in Wire and specializing in making realistic and fantasy style trees. I work in metal wire, mainly Steel and Copper.
My trees come in many sizes ranging from 5 inches high to over 5 feet tall.  Every one of my trees is a One Off.

One question I’m always asked is ‘how did you get started in wire trees?’

In 2012 I started the preparations for my second wedding. I decided that I wanted a small wedding and 2 large parties in 2 different counties (Kent and Gloucestershire). I set myself a challenge..to do the whole wedding , dress, cakes, food, venues, decorations, accommodation, registry office everything for £1500!
I did it, I made the cakes, made my own bouquet, did all the table settings, bought my dress, shoes, jewelry etc, all on this budget and with a lot of creative ideas and know how. (oh and Ebay!)
One of my friends said I should write a book or a blog about it but I said it had been done.

The main thing I had made that brought me the most happiness, was a Wire Wish Tree.

I made it from wire because the Twig tree my Step daughter had made for us, didnt survive the trip from Kent to Gloucestershire.

I had limited time to make it (5 days!), so I made a wire tree and decorated it with some of the extra bits from the bouquet etc.

Its actually very different from what I do now and made in far heavier grade wire, painted in cream and mounted into plaster of Paris for stability. But everybody liked it and I have it here now, as a reminder of how far I have come since june 2012 and how much I have learned along the way.

That is how I started along the road to being a wire sculptor. it didnt take long for me to realize that I love trees enough to specialize in them and that I love working in wire enough to actually make it a career choice.